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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
January 1781
Volume 22, Pages 532-533

January, 1781.

His Excellency informed the Board That there are in New Bern 5 Officers belonging to the Delaware and Maryland Lines, Lately arrived in a Flag from Charleston who are much in Want of Money to furnish themselves with such necessaries as their present distresses require. Resolved that His Excellency the Governor be advised to grant them a Warrant on the Treasury for the Sum of 40,000 dollars for the purpose aforesaid.

JOSEPH LUCH, President.

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His Excellency informed the Board that Benjamin Hawkins, Esq., had rec’d a Letter from Gov. Rutledge of South Carolina, that he was in Want of One hundred thousand Pounds for the supplying of the Militia of that State with such necessaries, as they might want, and requested that Sum from the State on the Credit of South Carolina. The Board taking the same into Consideration do advise His Excellency to grant him a Warrant on the Treasury of the State for the same.

JOSEPH LUCH, President.