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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Caswell to Thomas Burke
Caswell, William, 1754-1785
July 11, 1781
Volume 22, Page 544


Camp at Smithfield, July 11th, 1781.

His Excellency, Governor, Wake Co. House,



I am informed Col. Linton is under Confinement at Wake Court House. Maj. Wood I permitted to go home on a Particular purpose with an expectation of Col. Linton’s joining me, and no Field Officer is in Camp belonging to the Halifax District. I am informed that Major Griffin, of the Senate, was ordered out by Gen’l Jones for the present Expedition. I am also informed that he has taken a sum of Money to Clear a Class of the 12 Months’ Men, and has not procured a substitute. Should your Excellency think proper that he should Act as a Major, I should be very happy to have him in Camp. A Field Officer at present is wanting from the Halifax District. If otherwise, please inform me. A Report from Newbern say that the Enemy moved out from Rutherford’s Mill as far as New River Chappel, but have since returned to the Mills. Accts. from Cape Fear is that the Tories are still at the Goose Ponds on Drowning Creek, 300 in Number. I have a Party of Horse reconnoitering as far as Cross Creek, and a party Down as low as Kingston; another at Smith’s Ferry on Cape Fear; all which I expect to return To-Morrow Night, and the News shall be immediately conveyed to Your Excellency.

I am, Sir, Your Most obedient Servt.,

Enquiry to be ordered on Major Griffin, of Nash County.

Letter from Brigadier-General Caswell, July 11th. Received and answered July 12th, 1781.