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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to Thomas Burke
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
July 15, 1781
Volume 22, Page 547


Wheeler’s, July 15th, 1781.


Enclosed are Letters from Col. Bannister and Parker, containing chief of the intelligence I have been able to procure since I wrote you last. I shall only add that Col. Parker appears to be mistaken in his notions of Lord Cornwallis’s intentions, what he imagained to be the main Body being nothing more than a Detachment sent to Portsmouth. By return of an express this morning, I learn that the Enemy’s Light Horse took possession of Petersburg last Tuesday, and report says Lord Cornwallis with the main Body is encamped at Bland’s Mill, near Minnin’s Ferry, at which place the Marquis it is said has endeavoured to cross, but was repulsed. Various are the conjectures as to the future movements of the Enemy. Most People think they have an eye to Gen’l Greene, as it is currently reported in the British Camp that he is retreating rapidly and Lord Rawdon pursueing.

I am, with sincere respect,
Your Excellency’s Most Obedient Servant,

P. S. There are some seamen and one Soldier Prisoner in Halifax. Are the Seamen exchangeable by the late Cartel? If so, what shall I do with them? Col. Parker wrote desiring all prisoners of War to be sent to his Camp in order to be sent to the British Lines. I wish for Orders on this Head.

Your most obd’t,
A. G.