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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Emmet to Thomas Burke
Emmet, James
July 19, 1781
Volume 22, Pages 548-549

-------------------- page 548 --------------------

Campbelton, 19th July, 1781.

His Excellency Thomas Burke, Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief of North Carolina.


I did myself the Honor to write to your Excellency, 11th inst., by way of Smithfield, having the Opportunity of Gen’l Caswell’s Express. Since that Time I find my Information concerning the report of the Enemy’s moving from Wilmington to Bladen County is without Foundation. A Small Party of our People in Bladen, I learn, without Orders went to the house of Mr. Calvin, who had accepted from the English a Colonel’s Commission, killed him and plundered the House of what property was to be found in it. Col. Robinson, of Bladen, having learned by some Means that the Tories wanted to come into some agreement with the People of these Two Counties, wrote to them on Monday last, promising amicable Terms for both the Counties, wherein he has mentioned Colonels Brown and Owens, of Bladen, and myself for this County, to fix on and agree to the same. But before I undertake a Business of that Kind, wish to receive Your Excellency’s advice and Instructions. It is not in my power to acquaint you what reception this proposal met with, as I have not yet been acquainted with the answer, if any has been sent to Col. Robinson. Not more than One third of the twele Months’ draught for the Continentals have yet appeared. I fear to take up too much of your time, or could wish to acquaint you with many Circumstances relative to this County. I hope it will not be long before I receive some Instructions from you. I have the Honor to be, with due respect, Sir,

Your Excellency’s Obedient Servant,

P. S. I forgot to acquaint your Excellency that the Men from Pee Dee, under the Command of Col. Murphy, whom I mentioned in my last, would stay no longer, their time being out, insisted on going home last Monday. I this inst. learn from Col. Robinson, of Bladen, that a Considerable Number of Tories are embodying at the Marsh in that County. The Answer is just come to hand from the Tories, but I fear that I shall not be able to get it copied in time

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to send by this Opportunity. If not, it shall be forwarded dircetly.

I have the Honor to be, as before,

From Col. Emmett, Inclosing Letters, &c., between Col. Robinson, of Bladen, and the disaffected and Duncan Ray, July 19th, 1781. Rec’d July 30th, 1781.