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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Seawell to Thomas Burke
Seawell, Benjamin, 1741-1821
August 14, 1781
Volume 22, Pages 559-560


Barfield, Aug. 14th, 1781.

Per Express.

Your favor of the 7th inst. came to hand. I observed that you were forgetful that you had issued orders to Raise some Horsemen to go towards Burton’s Ferry on Roanoke. I accordingly raised Thirty which were the men I wrote you. I wished to know how to dispose with them. Your answer was that I could not better employ than to send them to the aid of Col. Kenan. The mode of raising them you say you do not enquire after, but you suppose its not inconsistent with the general Plan. I raised them for a month which was agreeable to your orders. Since which I have received orders from Genl. Jones to raise seventeen more men and rendezvous them at Tarborough; to send thirty Horsemen and the Quota for carrving on the General Plan I think will rather bare hard on this Country, as

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our Horsemen although they are not compelled for the present to serve longer than a month unless particularly requested by you, yet they are bound to make up their Respective Tower, as they only have Credit for what time they serve.

With respect to the Waggon Maker’s case I concur in opinion with your Excellency that they had better join some regular Corps and solicit a furlough from Genl. Greene. Tho’ it would not be more partial to hire an Artificer from the regular Service than to suffer a Militia man to waste his tower out for the Public. The Horsemen I have raised will rendezvous to-morrow at Franklin Court-house in order to join Col. Kennon, unless your Excellency thinks fit to countermand their march which I think would be just, or else not be ordered to raise the other 17 men. I submit this Matter to your Excellency’s better judgment. Shall be glad of an answer from you on this subject; shall wait the march of the Horsemen until I can hear from you.

I am with the greatest esteem, Your Excellency’s
Most obedt. Humb. Servt.,

Col. Seawell, Aug. 14th, 1781.
Recd. the 14th; answered same day.