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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Andrews to Thomas Burke
Andrews, Robert, 1743?-1804
August 23, 1781
Volume 22, Pages 573-574


Richmond, August 23, 1781.

His Excellency Governor Burke, North Carolina.


Yours of the 15th Inst. is just received, which, as the Governor is not in Town or expected for some Days, I have taken the Liberty of opening. The enemy have made no movement of Consequence since they took Post at York and Gloucester. They are, according to the best Accounts we can get, chiefly engaged in fortifying on the Gloucester side, where they are much more assailable than at York.

The same Conjecture as that formed by your Excellency has been made here, that the object of the Enemy’s late Manoeuvres has been to draw our principal Force to the Northward, so as to gain them an Opportunity of marching unmolested by us to the Southward; and the Marquis Lafayette, by the Disposition of his Forces, if they had this in view, seems to have penetrated their Design. I am this

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Moment informed and I believe it may be relied on, that they have entirely evacuated Portsmouth.

I have the honor to be, with the greatest Respect, Your Excel leney’s obedient and very humble serv’t,
Secretary to the Governor.