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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Luttrell to Thomas Burke
Luttrell, John
August 29, 1781
Volume 22, Page 582

-------------------- page 582 --------------------

Hillsborough, Aug. 29th, 1781.

His Excellency Thomas Burke, Esqr., Halifax.

Good Sir:—

By Mr. Armstrong I am told that a certain trusty Guard is taken Prisoner. The said Guard was taken by me about 12 Months past. He told me that he was a Captain in the British Service, but lost his Commission crossing the P. D. some time before he was taken. I believed his Story and applyed to the Board of War and got him paroled, which Parole he immediately broke and returned back into Cumberland County, and proceeded to stealing Horses and every other Villainous Practice in his Power. Therefore I thought it a Duty I owed your Excellency, and all others the Friends of the Country, to mention his Conduct, that he may be treated according to his Deserts. By the last Assembly I was appointed Lieut.-Col. of Chatham. Col. Ramsey is taken Prisoner by the Tories. Therefore, as the command has devolved on me, pray be kind enough to send me my Commission.

I am your Obedient and Hum. Servant,

J. Luttrell, Hillsborough, Aug. 29th. Rec’d Sept. 2nd. Answered same day. Request.