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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Bignall to Thomas Burke
Bignall, Robert, ca. 1730-1787
September 11, 1781
Volume 22, Pages 596-597


Tarborough, 11th Sept., 1781.


Your Excellency’s Favor of the 7th inst. came to hand yesterday, which was the first I had heard of the Prize you mention, and upon inquiry from Mr. Neale, who came to this place last Night, I find I am too late, as he tells me the sale of the Prize began at Beaufort yesterday, and from what we can learn they sell for Specie only. I have not as yet impressed any Tobacco but have taken a List of what remains at this Warehouse from the Inspector’s Book, and the Tobacco cannot be taken away for want of water in the River, so that I have declined that very disagreeable task till I hear further from you. But should your Excellency find it must be done, (altho’ disagreeable) I will immediately upon the receipt of your Letter impress it, but would wish to know from you how I am to proceed in that particular. There is at this time 291 hhds. Tobacco at this Warehouse, 160 of which I have Purchased. The remainder is chiefly purchased by Mr. Richard Blackledge and Mr. John Gray Blount, of Washington. From the best information I can obtain, but little Tobacco remains at Washington, though a great deal has been carried there. As I have not been able for some time past to Purchase any for want of Salt. Mr. Blackledge has engaged a good deal more Tobacco which I believe will come to this Warehouse soon.

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Should the Tobacco be now impressed, I expect it would put a stop to any more being brought to this Place.

I am with due regard, Your Excellency’s
Most obedient and humble servant,

Col. Long is requested to forward this to the Governor as soon as published.


Letter from R. Bignall, 11th Sept., 1781.