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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from [John Williams?] to [James Iredell?]
Williams, John, 1731-1799
January 1782
Volume 22, Page 606

Jan.—th, 1782.

Dear Sir:—

I received your favour of the 14th Ultimo, some few days ago. Your matter and for procuring Witnesses to give evidence in criminal Matters perfectly coincides with my opinion and am happy to find after having duly considered of the Matter, think it fully warranted from the principles of Law. I have therefore, pursuant to your request, issued a precept to the Sheriff of Northampton county for the purpose of obtaining sufficient security of Sally Hatton’s appearance at Halifax Superior Court the Ensueing Term to give evidence, &c., and hope it will have the desired Effect. The Resolution you have taken of resigning your Office gives me real uneasiness, and if you persist in it I know not how the vacancy will be supplied nor who will accept it that can do justice to the Office. That the Fatigue is great and the Profits very inadequate to the constant applications which the present circumstances of affairs makes indispensably necessary are so obvious that no friend could wish you to hold it for pecuniary advantages, Much less would they insist on your doing it when they were informed if effected your Health, if you think that endangered, I must remain silent, otherwise I most sincerely wish you would postpone the resolution of resigning till after the next session of Assembly, when I think they must, upon being informed of your resolution conceive it absolutely necessary to do something which may induce you to hold the Office at least till the actual situation of our affairs have a little subsided.