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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Robeson to Alexander Martin
Robeson, Thomas
January 24, 1782
Volume 22, Page 608


January 24th, 1782.

His Excellency Alexander Martin, Governor of North Carolina, per Rutherford Plummer.


I can inform your Excellency that we are in some better way with the Tories at this time than when you was in Bladen, but the worst of them still continues to stand out and not surrender, and I am of the opinion won’t till they can be beaten or killed. There is about thirty of the worst of them is gone over the South Line into a settlement that is under what they call a Truce of peace with General Marian, and there they are protected among the south Tories, and is constant coming over the line into Bladen, and does mischief such as robbing and stealing, and has shot at some men and cut and abused some with their swords, and I expect will do a good deal of Mischief before they can be subdued, and if the State Regiment is raised and not a great call for them in other Parts of the State, I will hope that Your Excellency will take it into consideration and order the Regiment stationed on the Raft Swamp and Ashpole Swamp, and it might be of great service to the Inhabitants of Bladen and a means of taking and Subduing of a number of Villains. I have been informed that there is near a hundred of the Tories from the different parts of this State is gone over the Line into that settlement, that is called the Truce of Peace with General Marian. Your Consideration of this, and if you think proper to order them stationed there, or only part of them will greatly oblige a number of the Inhabitants of Bladen and your Humble Serv’t,