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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Evan Shelby to Richard Caswell
Shelby, Evan, 1719-1794
March 21, 1787
Volume 22, Pages 671-672

-------------------- page 671 --------------------

Sullivan County, March 21, 1787.

Dear Sir:

Your letter and the packetts which you were pleased to forward by your son I have received, and the commissions belonging to the several counties I have forwarded, except those to the County of Greene yet in my hands, not well knowing who to direct them to. The proclamations have been diffused accordingly.

I have had a Conference with Mr. John Sevier, Governor of the Franklin people. The inclosed is a copy of what was there concluded between him and I. It is submitted to the Legislature.

The people of Franklin have lately held an Assembly for their State and have passed a bill for opening an office to receive entries for the Lands included between French Broad and Tennessee Rivers—also they have laid a Land and Poll Tax on the people.

Conformable to the commissions for the peace sent us, Courts of Pleas have been held in the Counties of Washington, Sullivan and Hawkins, without any opposition. Many people are firmly attached to North Carolina, others are as obstinate against it. However it is to be hoped that time and reflection, will restore them friendly to North Carolina.

The animosity arising from difference of opinion in Government among our people here has been high; to quiet the minds of the people, and preserve peace and tranquility, till something better could be done was, the reason that induced me to hold a Conference and conclude on the Articles inclosed.

I would be much rejoiced if, as you mention, you would think in earnest to come and live among us; you might do much here.

I have been well till lately. By some means I got a cold which has given me some uneasiness but hope shortly to be well.

You will please to write to me, by any opportunity, of any thing necessary that may occur.

Believe me to be with most sincere regard,
Your most obedient Servant,
His Excellency Richard Caswell.

N. B. We are in great want of copies of the several Acts of Assembly of the State of No. Carolina, and the Laws enacted by the

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same, for the time past. We had several in different Counties but the late disturbances among the people have caused them to be so laid aside that they cannot be come at. You will, therefore, please to direct some method by which they may once more be diffused over this part of the State.

Some considerable time past I returned to the office Warrants, with the plots annexed, for Lands therein mentioned, that the patents might pursuant thereto be issued; but as yet I have received none. You would do me much kindness if you would please to examine why these patents are not issued according to the returns, and inform me thereof by the next opportunity, or else direct the issuing of the same.


To His Excellency Richard Caswell.
Genl. Shelby, 21 March, 1787.