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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Evan Shelby to Richard Caswell
Shelby, Evan, 1719-1794
October 29, 1787
Volume 22, Page 689

-------------------- page 689 --------------------

29th October, 1787.


As matters have been in such a fluctuating abyss in the minds of the people on this side of the mountains, together with a desire of living a retired life, and my old age, induced me to wish that the General Assembly may appoint some other to succeed me in the office of a brigadier in this district. At the same time, I have to observe to your Excellency that there are a number of petitions that are to be preferred to the Assembly for separation. Some of them I have seen, and I am of opinion if we can have a separation upon reciprocal terms it would not only aleviate the minds of the people, but terminate in strengthening this part of the community with our parent State.

I have the honor to be, sir,
Your obedient humble servant,

P. S. If the wisdom of the General Assembly of North Carolina should think Mr. John Sevier a person adequate to succeed me in the office of a brigadier general, I would wish to recommend this gentleman to the honorable the General Assembly.

E. S.


His Excellency Richard Caswell, Esq., Governor North Carolina.
Honored by Captain Amis.
General Shelby, 29th October, 1787. Received 19th November, 1787.