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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Sevier to Robert Thompson
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
December 15, 1788
Volume 22, Page 703


French Broad, December 15th, 1788.

Brother Robert Thompson:

I have had a good talk from Mr. Ballew about you. I am glad to hear there is such a man in your land, as you are some of our blood, and a beloved man.

There is a number of our people who want to live near unto your Nation, and want to rent land from you to live on. These people can make Guns, tomahawks, Powder, Lead, and also Clothing of any kind fit to keep People warm. I leave you to Judge brother how good it would be for to have people on your own land that could do all this; this would make trade come plenty and cheap among you, this would make your nation last always and become strong & rich.

These people will pay you a large quantity of Goods every year for your Land, and as your land now lies covered up with high Trees, Grass and weeds, it would be like getting goods for nothing. I hope you will do all you can for to hasten this matter. Give your people good talks and let them open their ears wide.

Our people loves your people in their hearts, other wise they would not wish to live near you; I hope the Great Spirit Above will always keep our hearts in one way of thinking and never let anything that is dark happen between us. I refer you to Mr. Ballew, who will tell you the news from his Country.

I am your friend and brother,
Mr. Robert Thompson.

(Endorsement): Mr. Robert Thompson, Chicasaw Nation.
Hond. pr. Cap. Bellew.