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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Sevier to Piomingo
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
December 15, 1788
Volume 22, Pages 704-705


French Broad, 15 December, 1788.

Beloved Brother:

I had your friendly letter some time ago. I am made happy to hear that you was then well, and I hope you may long remain so, and live happy among your people.

Brother there is many of our people that want to live in your Country and want to rent some of your land. Would it not be good for your Nation to rent some of your vacant land, that now lies grown up with big trees, grass & Weeds, and is of no service to you: this land you could by renting of it to white people, receive every year a large Quantity of Goods like it was for nothing; these white people would make gun powder and lead, and all Sorts of Clothing for your use. How good would this be for you to have such people on your own Ground, who could learn your Children to do such

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things, by which means you could come to be a great and beloved people, and the Great Spirit above would let the sun shine upon you when you come to know His ways. Mr. Bellew speaks Good of you. He is come with talks to you and I hope you will be his friend. I long much to see you onst more, and hope it won’t be long. If your people rent our people land I shall come down to see you. I hope the Great Spirit above will always keep you safe.

I am your friend and Brother,
Piomingo, or Mountain Leader, Chief of the Chickasaws.

(Endorsement): Pomingo, or Mountain Leader, Chickasaw Nation.
P. Cap. Bellew.