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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from George Maxwell to Joseph Martin
Maxwell, George
July 09, 1788
Volume 22, Pages 718-719


Sullivan County, July 9th, 1788.

Dear Sir:—

I received yours of the 14th of June, and am sorry to hear that you entertain the least doubt of being back in time to go on the expedition. Our county is in a most distressed condition. I have enclosed for your satisfaction a letter from Colonel Hutchins, in which is a clause relating to a part of Sevier’s conduct, which has so exasperated the Indians that the whole body of them is now at war with us. There has been a considerable number of persons killed on our frontiers since you left this, at which period Sevier marched against a town in Highwasa with 102 men, surprised the Indians and killed a number of them, which so raised him in the esteem of the people on the frontier, that the people began to flock to his standard. The next push was to Chilhowey, the relation of which you have enclosed. He then proposed to go against Chickamauga, but when the time came he found himself unable, for the severity of the Indians and the disaffection of the rubites, in consequence of such cruel barbarity reduced him to his former situation, in which he remains. Your presence was never more wanted than on this occasion. A number of people say you are an Indian’s friend, and they’ll warrant we won’t see you till the campaign is over, while your friends assert the contrary. Your conduct at this crisis will consummate your character in this country. We have no ammunition. I beg you will hasten some ammunition as quick as possible. Let the safety of our country outweigh every other consideration. I need not point out to you the bad consequence of your not being here in time. I foresee a complication of evils, and I presume if you reflect a moment you will easily determine, as necessity rules all other considerations. So I hope you will think your personal service

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more useful on our frontier than you may possibly be in our councils.

I am, sir, with every mark of esteem,
Your most obedient servant,
The Honble. Jos. Martin, Esq.


Letter from Col. George Maxwell, of Sullivan County, to Col. Joseph Martin, dated July 9th, 1788. Chas. Thomson, Secretary.