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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Sevier to Chomboy
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
December 15, 1788
Volume 22, Pages 719-720


French Broad, 15th December, 1788.

Chombay, Warrior and Chief of the Chickasaws.


Hearing good of you from Mr. Ballew, who will deliver you this letter, I hope it will find you well, and all your beloved men and nation.

Mr. Ballew is sent from some good men of the country to your nation with talks, who want to rent some of your land. I have heard you and your nation art sensible and good people, therefore I need not say more than this: that if you are good enough to rent some of your land, that there will come on it a large number of useful men, who will make guns, tomahawks, knives, powder and lead, and anything that you will want to wear for clothing. Your own good sense

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will point out to you how useful it will be for you to have such serviceable people on your own land. Besides their being able to furnish you with all sorts of trade, will pay you a large quantity of goods every year for your land that now lies covered with big trees and high grass and weeds, and is of no use to your people, but like nothing. Brothers paying you this for the rent of your ground would seem like it came to you for nothing.

I leave you to judge of all these good things, and hope you will give your good talks to hasten fast this matter. Our people love your people in their hearts and hope the Great Spirit above will always keep a good understanding between us. I refer you to Mr. Ballew for the news of this country.

I remain your friend and brother,


Chombay, Warrior and Chief of Chicasaw Nation.
P. Capt. Ballew.