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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Sevier to William Glover
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
December 15, 1788
Volume 22, Pages 720-721


French Broad, 15th December, 1788.

Mr. William Glover.


Mr. Ballew has given me good talks about you. I am glad to hear you are a great warrior and part of our own blood. Our white people love your nation in their hearts and wish to be near unto you.

There is a great many good people in our country who have sent Mr. Ballew to talk for them. They wish to rent some of your land and live in your country. They can make guns, tomahawks, knives, powder, lead and all kind of clothing. Would it not be good for you to have such people living among you and on your own land? These people can make trade come cheap in your country, and do anything you may want, besides would pay you a large quantity of goods any year for the rent of your lands, which now lie covered with large trees and grown up high with grass and weeds, and it is of no use to any person. I am glad to hear you are a good man. I know you will talk a good talk and hasten fast this matter, and help Mr. Ballew to get some land for good people to live on. I hope the Great Spirit

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above will always keep our hearts good together and the path of peace open between us, that our children’s children may always love each other and shake hands together. I shall be glad to hear from you by Mr. Ballew. He will tell you the news of this country.

I am your friend and brother,


Mr. William Glover, in Chickasaw Nation. Honored by Capt. Ballew.