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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Sevier to Hardy Perry
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
December 15, 1788
Volume 22, Page 721


French Broad, 15th December, 1788.

Mr. Hardy Perry.

Dear Sir:—

Permit me to take the liberty of introducing to your attention and civility Mr. Bonnet Ballew, who is on business of much importance from genetlmen of character in Virginia and elsewhere. Mr. Ballew will communicate to you his particular business, and I make no doubt from the good character you support everything in your power to serve his design will be readily afforded.

Beg leave to observe that should the Chickasaws rent or leave a part of their land in some convenient place, the great utility such a thing would be to you and every good man residing in your country. There will be mechanics introduced of every kind, the arts and sciences will flourish and the Gospel of Christ preached, by which means the children of your country will become civilized, become oppulant and respectable as a nation. I need not mention this to a man of your experience and understanding, as you must be fully sensible of the great good this would be of to those people, for one of us in our last stage of life to introduce or be the means of introducing society and Christianity among such people, also the great service to a number of our poor people who have not land to support themselves and families on. I beg leave to refer you to Mr. Ballew for further particulars. Shall be happy in a line or two from you. Wish you health and prosperity, and am, sir, with esteem and respect,

Your obedient servant,


Mr. Hardy Perry, interpreter, Chickasaw Nation. Per Capt. Ballew.