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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by a committee of the North Carolina General Assembly concerning a pardon for John Sevier
North Carolina. General Assembly
November 30, 1789
Volume 22, Pages 728-729


The Committee to whom was referred the Bill to repeal part of an Act, entitled an Act, once more to extend an Act, entitled an Act to pardon and consign to oblivion the offences and misconduct of certain persons in the counties of Washington, Sullivan.

Greene and Hawkins, Report:

That on examining sundry papers and hearing oral testimony it appears that John Sevier, Esqr., together with sundry other persons in the said counties, did in the years 1785, 1786 & 1787, in a great measure subvert the peace and good order of the government of the State of North Carolina; That this conduct was in many particulars highly reprehensible. Your Committee further report, that at the time the people in those counties first attempted to subvert the Government of North Carolina, the said John Sevier, Esquire, did oppose them in such a manner as actually to prevent elections from being held under their new Government in two of the counties, and when he at last joined them, it was in obedience to the entreaties of several of the most influential persons in that part of the country.

Your committee therefore, conceive that as the offences of all the citizens of said counties have been pardoned and consigned to oblivion, that the said John Sevier, Esquire, ought to be placed in

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the same situation; it appearing to your committee that he was not as highly reprehensible as many others.

All which is submitted.


In House of Commons, 30th November, 1789.

Read and concurred with.

S. Cabarrus, S. H. C.
By order.
J. Hunt, C. H. C.


Report on the pardon granted John Sevier, Esquire, 1789.