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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arthur Council to John Alexander Lillington
Council, Arthur, 1755-1777
May 22, 1776
Volume 22, Page 739


Dunant, Carteret County, 5th month, the 19th, 1776.

Esteemed Friend:—

By Captain Ward I received a copy of a minutes made by the Congress appointing me a fourth commissioner for carrying on of salt works, and as I remember he told me it was of thy promising, I am glad thou has the interest of the county so much at heart. Depend upon it, I will exert myself, as the preservation of the province depends upon it as much as upon arms and warlike stores, and must be entered upon immediately. I shall not wait for Blacklege nor Avary. ∗ ∗ ∗ I hope my exertion will prove to general advantage and will meet the aprobation of the public. We shall take the advice of every man worthy of consulting. Wish Blackledge and Avary were here, but will delay no time, as the season will not admit of dallying and doing of business after the usual Carolina fashion. I am going to-morrow about making of handbarrows, but it will not avail to set up such works without they are defended, nor can they be defended except every man is confined in his own home, and that speedily, be the works set up where they may. Do mind what I say. We know not all our friends, or at least cannot depend upon every one that pretends to be so. There have been private emisaries at Halifax, and the accursed thing has been in our camp.I am sure of it. I do not want to be tedious, nor have but little time to enlarge, but let me beg thyself and others who may be in authority immediately, to keep at home all persons not employed in the public cause, and that neither strangers nor neighbors be suffered to pass without permission. A message ought immediately be sent to caution them appointed at Onslow not to trust or suffer any man to pass. Neither hair-dressers nor fiddlers nor think they are safe to

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confide in any man, altho’ he may bring his moulded bread and clouted shoes.I am sure I am right, and that my advice ought to be put into immediate execution. Do procure all the spades in town, and if possible all or part made use of at your post.

I am thy affectionate and assured friend,