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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Ellis to Cornelius Harnett
Ellis, Richard, fl. 1765-1790
June 13, 1776
Volume 22, Pages 744-745



I have imported from Guadeloupe in the Sloop Heart of Oak & Sloop Polly, 2,000 weight of gun powder & 20 stand of small Arms, Compleat with Iron ramrod, bayonets, &c., the Powder cost a piece of eight Pwte & the Arms 64d each; I am willing the Province should have them on their paying me a reasonable profit, which I think to be a Cent at least for running so great a risque and being obliged to sell the Cargoes for Cash, salt, or warlike Stores. I lost 25 per cent. on the sales & being obliged to lay in the West Indies with both vessels 35 days waiting for those Articles, when they might have loaded with molasses & other Goods permitted by Congress in 8 or 10 Days which would have brought me here a Profit of at least 3 for one, upon the whole my being obliged to bring in the above Articles or Salt. I shall be a loser at least of £1,000 and it never could be the intention that private property should be Sported with for to serve the public, for if every one will bear their part fairly it is all that can be expected of them. I refer you to

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the Bearer for news and by his return hope to have the pleasure of your Answer.

No Bullets yet for the Pennsylvania Farmer.

I am with great respect yours & the
Gentlemen of the Council’s
Most obedt. Humble Servant,

New Bern, 13th June, 1776.