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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Moore to Cornelius Harnett
Moore, James, 1737-1777
July 31, 1776
Volume 22, Page 751

-------------------- page 751 --------------------

Wilmington, July 31, 1776.


I have still under Guard Will Stuart, who was taken up agreeable to the desire of the Committee of Secrecy, &c., &c., last April, also James Bowen, generally called the black lawyer; he was taken by my Centries, a few days since, before Brunswick; for what purpose he came on shore, I know not, but, this I am certain of by his own confession, that he acted as Judge of the Admiralty in the British fleet & has condemned 14 vessels in this River. I would be glad to know as soon as possible how I am to dispose of them.

I earnestly request you will fall on some method of procuring a Quantity of Lead, as, that Article is very scarce with us—the quantity in the Magazine not exceeding 1600 weight.

The Enemy have still in this River, the Falcon, Scorpion, & Cruizer, with some small Vessels, in all about 15 Sail. The Enemy left Charles Town about 8 days ago, their Men of War excepted; neither has any vessel arrived in this River for a considerable time past. When the fleet were Quitting the Harbour, of Charles Town, a Brig got on ground. Genl. Lee immediately sent a floating battery with some boats to take her, which was effected; the Captain, of the Highlanders that were on board, with the Notorious Wm. Campbell escaped in the Brig boat. The number of Highlanders and Regulators taken amoutn to 54 men.

The Bearer, Jos. Bagley, has delivered to the Commissary of Stores here, 2,008 lbs. Gun powder & expects you will order him payment for his trouble. This Waggoner has been paid by Mr. Blount agreeably to Col. Veal’s bargain with him.

I am, Sir,
Your obed. Servt.,

P. S. J. Bagley commanded the Guard which escorted the waggon with powder.

The Hon’l Corn’s Harnett.