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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Hogun to Richard Caswell
Hogun, James
July 09, 1778
Volume 22, Pages 759-760


Halifax, July 9th, 1778.


On the receipt of yours, we immediately proceeded to the choice of officers, and here enclose you a list, and am sorry to say there were so many desirous to wait longer, and they were told to proceed immediately or lay down their command, which you’ll be made acquainted with hereafter.

We have appointed Lieut-Col. Davidson, but he being at so great a distance, am at a loss to know whether he will act or not. Should he refuse, Colonel Sumner is to appoint one and send him after us.

-------------------- page 760 --------------------

By a letter I received yesterday, I find neither the pay nor muster master will be here before Monday next.

As soon as the men are mustered, shall give you a just account of both the firm and infirm, of which last are too many, some having sore legs and ruptured, which render them incapable of duty.

You’ll please to observe that Nathaniel Nuthale is appointed by the officers as quartermaster. He had acted in that capacity to the Ninth Regiment, and was much approved of. We beg you’ll please grant him a commission as ensign, to enable him to act now as quartermaster to this regiment, and you’ll oblige, sir,

Your most obedient humble servant,
JAMES HOGUN, Colonel Seventh Battalion.