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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from M. Chariol de Placer to Richard Caswell
Chariol de Placer, M.
September 20, 1778
Volume 22, Pages 762-763


New Bern, September 20th, 1778.

May it Please Your Excellency.

I beg you would favor me with letters recommendatory to the Continental Congress and his Excellency, General Washington, also of the same nature a letter to Monseur DeFortiner, Minister of the Marine in France, as I have resolved something in my mind for the advantage of Congress, which I shall communicate to your Excellency on some future day. I beg you would be mindful of me and give me permission to write to your Excellency. You will excuse my not riding up to visit your good lady and family, as I shall certainly

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do myself the honor of waiting on them before I return to France. If I can be of any service to you, I very gladly should embrace the opportunity. I have the honor to represent by petition to the General Assembly and by another to the Council the damages I have sustained by the reformation of the regiment; of a certainty I have expended more than ten thousand pounds. If I can by any means be reimbursed I shall be under the greatest obligations. I likewise send you my commission, and request another with the great seal affixed. Likewise all those letters recommendatory which have been requested by the gentlemen officers of my late regiment.

Your Excellency, I am your most humble servant,
CHARIOL, Colonel.

I have the honor to ask, do you observe that it has been put in the Gazette that the regiment had been broken and not reformed, as that is a great dishonor in France, to be broken. The officers and myself do you also pray to certify the copy of the resolution of the General Assembly. I send to you by this present, and please to you to so change our commission and to give one with the great seal affixed. I also beg you the favor to send to me the letters of good recommendation for Messeurs Le Baron de Boullittin, M. Martin de Breteville, de Lamboeuf, D’Abadie, Montfleurence, Lavan de Belvue, Surveau (one for the Congress and one for General Washington). M. DeCaronet has lost his commission, and also M. Suratt. If you will be so kind to send them another they will be obliged to you, as I will myself.