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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abraham Livingston to Richard Caswell
Livingston, Abraham
September 24, 1778
Volume 22, Pages 765-766


Charleston, S. C., 24th September, 1778.


By order of the Commercial Committee of the honorable Continental Congress, I equipped the Colonial schooner Lewis as a dispatch boat. In January last Mr. Pickles arrived here charged with dispatches from Congress, and with instructions to me to get him forwarded to the Island of New Orleans in the most safe and expeditious manner. He accordingly embarked on board the said vessel, being then a letter of marque and under command of Capt. Matthew Rowan. On their passage thither the crew rose on Capt. Rowan and Pickles, and after a bloody scuffle they landed those two captains on the Matanzas and run away with the schooner, which they carried to New Providence. I am informed that one Diamond who was their ringleader, is taken and carried into the port of New Bern, within your State. He is a tall fellow, about six feet high, and was mate of the captain when taken. The laws of the continent have made this death, and as I have particular instructions to be watchful for any or all of the crew of the Lewis, should they be taken and brought within this government, I am to request your Excellency will please to give orders to inquire for this fellow, and should he be in any port within your government, that you will please have him sent thither for trial. There are many evidences, inhabitants of this State, who were at New Providence when the Lewis arrived at that place. Congress is very solicitous for the apprehending of these accomplished villains, I therefore flatter myself that your Excellency

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will give the necessary directions on this head. I have the pleasure to be, with much esteem,

Your obedient humble servant,
His Excellency, Richard Caswell, Esq.