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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Manley to John Ashe
Manley, William
January 12, 1779
Volume 22, Page 773


Indigofield, 12th January, 1779.

Dear Sir:—

Having formerly had dealings with Messrs. Nogg & Campbell, upon settling account with them at the beginning of the disputes with Great Britain, there appeared a balance due them upon which I gave them my note payable at a certain day, which having some time ago elapsed, I have lately tendered them the money to pay the note, with interest, and to take up my note, which has been refused by them, as will appear by the enclosed deposition. I have enclosed some of them to Mr. Bloodworth.

I chose this way for fear one or the other of my letters to you and Mr. Bloodworth might miscarry. You will please to consult with him and Mr. Devane on the matter, and see what may be done in the case in the Assembly. They have refused receiving money for the discharge of notes from sundry people, viz., Capt. Ellis and Capt. William Jones. Pray favor me with a line from you by the first opportunity.

I am, sir,
Your obedient servant,