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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Graham to Griffith Rutherford
Graham, William
July 03, 1776
Volume 22, Page 778

-------------------- page 778 --------------------

July 3rd, 10 o’clock at night.


I have received two expresses this day, also the oaths of four men that saw the murdered persons within the boundary line. Also one Puranton’s oath of an Indian snapped a gun at him that belonged to Mr. Lite, and he made his escape. Dick Pear’s schoolmaster was wounded by being in a small skirmish with the Indians that met when he went to give the settlement notice of Mr. Lite’s house and store and all burnt, and no account of him nor family. The Indians were very numerous and our scout had to fly, but got the young man that was wounded with them.

The people are gathered and are gathering together as fast as they can, but expect to be attacked this night. We must have more ammunition.

Good sir, the people are in a very alarming situation; the county will be ruined if not immediate assistance.

From your obedient servant,

Two families are actually killed, seven persons found dead.