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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Lightfoot to Richard Caswell
Lightfoot, Henry
April 20, 1787
Volume 22, Page 787

-------------------- page 787 --------------------

Dear Sir:—

It gave me pain to hear by one of your neighbors of your indisposition, but hope your recovery will be in time to enable you to attend the committee at Philadelphia, which I most ardently wish you not omit, as it is an object, in my opinion, of the first importance to the Southern States. I may almost be said to have risen from the dead, having been but five weeks out of bed since the 14th December.

Col. Emmet, who was the vendue-master here, being dead, the court have taken upon themselves to fill the vacancy for you, by appointing Lewis Barge, Emmet’s deputy. If you should think this a sufficient recommendation of Barge, you will commission him.

I am, dear sir, your friend and humble servant,

Fayetteville, 20th April, 1787.