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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
September 02, 1777
Volume 22, Pages 926-929

North Carolina.

At a meeting of the Council of State, at New Bern, the 2nd day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven. Present, his Excellency the Governor, the Honorables William Cray, William Haywood, Edward Starkey, Thomas Eaton, Joseph Leech, William Taylor and Thomas Bonner, Esquires.

Thomas Eaton, Esq., appeared and qualified and took his seat at the Board accordingly.

John Faulcon, who intermarried with Lucretia Person, widow and relict of Benjamin Person and mother of Benjamin Brown Person, an infant, deceased, produced a certificate of his having entered a caveat in the Court of Bute county against letters of administration issuing on said deceased’s estate in favor of Thomas Person, of Granville county. The same being taken into consideration,

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Resolved, That a citation issue to the said Thomas Person, requiring him to appear before the Governor in Council at New Bern, on Monday, the 3rd day of November, that the matter be reheard and determined.

John Ramsey, who intermarried with Sally Drake, widow and relict of Matthew Drake, of Chatham county, deceased, who caveated the probate of the last will and testament of said Matthew Drake in the Court of Chatham county, prays a summons issue to Francis Drake, the person who offered the said will for probation, appear with the said will and the subscribing witnesses thereto before the Governor in Council, on Monday, the 3rd day of November, at New Bern, that the matter be reheard and determined.

Resolved, That it be recommended to his Excellency the Governor to direct the Commissary of Stores to purchase of Mr. Thomas Ogden thirty muskets at eight pounds each, and twenty-five blankets at three pounds each, for the use of the Tenth Regiment of North Carolina troops, and that the Governor give a warrant on the Treasury for the amount thereof.

Resolved, That it be recommended to his Excellency the Governor to appoint John Gray Second Major of the Camden regiment of militia, in the room of James Ferebee, resigned.

It appearing to the Board that by means of difficulty in procuring provisions for the indepndent company stationed on the seacoast at Ocracoke Inlet (the Commissary appointed refusing to supply them, and no person inclinable to furnish the company for the price stipulated), the men cannot be kept on duty.

Resolved, That it be recommended to his Excellency the Governor to disband the said company.

His Excellency informed the Board he had directed General Jones and General Ashe to furnish a guard of fifty privates, exclusive of officers, each for the magazines at Halifax and Wilmington.

Resolved, That this Board highly approves of such directions, and recommends it to his Excellency to continue the aforesaid guards, and that he direct General Jones and General Ashe to agree with some persons to furnish the guard with provisions on the best terms.

His Excellency the Governor laid before the Board a resolve of Congress, recommending it to the executive powers of the United States to divide their respective States into districts and appoint a

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proper person in each district to recruit men to fill up the regiments raised in such State. The same being taken into consideration,

Resolved, That this State be divided into as many districts as there are counties, and that each district be distinguished by the name of the county; and that it be recommended to his Excellency the Governor to appoint the following persons, to-wit:

For the District of—
Anson—Thomas Wade.
Bladen—Thomas Robeson.
Beaufort—Henry Bonner.
Bertie—Thomas Pugh.
Bute—Bennett Wood.
Brunswick—Lewis Dupree.
Burke—Christian Beckman.
Chowan—Charles Bonfield.
Currituck—Samuel Jarvis.
Craven—John Bryan.
Carteret—Solomon Sheppard.
Cumberland—David Smith.
Chatham—Ambrose Ramsey.
Caswell—William Moore.
Camden—Isaac Gregory.
Duplin—James Kenan.
Dobbs—William Fellon.
Edgecombe—Jonas Johnston.
Guilford—Charles Bruce.
Granville—Thomas Satterwhite.
Hyde—John Jordan.
Hertford—George Little.
Halifax—Willie Jones.
Johnston—Needham Bryan.
Mecklenburg—Robert Irwin.
Martin—William Williams.
New Hanover—Thomas Bloodworth.
Northampton—Stephen Williamson.
Orange—Nathaniel Rochester.
Onslow—William Cray, Jr.
Pasquotank—Henry Abbott.
Perquimans—Thomas Harvey.
Pitt—Robert Satter.
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Rowan—William Sharpe.
Surry—Joseph Winston.
Tyrrell—Jeremiah Fraser.
Tryon—Andrew Niele.
Wake—John Hinton.

And that the person so appointed adhere strictly to the directions of the before recited resolve.

Resolved, That it be recommended to his Excellency the Governor to give Dugald McKnight, Kenneth McKenzie, Alexander Carmichael, Alexander McGruther, and George Harvie a passport to depart the State for Europe or the West Indies within thirty days from this date.

WILLIAM CRAY, President,