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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
November 07, 1778
Volume 22, Pages 935-937

State of North Carolina.
At a meeting of the Council at Kinston, the 7th day of November, 1778.

Present—The Honorables Joseph Leech, Edward Starkey, Robert Bignall, John Simpson and William Bryan.

His Excellency the Governor laid before the Board a letter from the President of Congress, acquainting him that Congress have received repeated intelligence of the enemy’s design to make an attack upon South Carolina, and that an embarkation of troops for that purpose had actually commenced at New York, requesting him to forward with all possible expedition the 3,000 troops heretofore required to be sent to the aid of the States of South Carolina and Georgia, also a resolve of Congress requiring an additional aid of 2,000 men to be also raised and forwarded to Charleston with all possible expedition, at the charge of the Continent.

Resolved, That, agreeable to the said requisition, the Governor be advised to raise immediately further aid of 1,324 men out of the militia of this State, which, with the 2,648 already raised and the addition of the new levies and regulars now on furlough, this Board, is of opinion will complete the 5,000 men required by Congress for the aid of the States of South Carolina and Georgia, and that his Excellency be advised to forward them with all possible expedition.

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Resolved, That the Governor be advised to grant a warrant on the Treasurer in favor of Mr. William Amis for £4,000 to defray the expenses of provisions for the Continental troops and the militia that are now to march from the District of Halifax.

The Governor informed the Board that he was in expectation of having money to defray the expenses of the troops ordered on the expedition to South Carolina remitted to this State in a very short time, but it was absolutely necessary for a considerable sum to be advanced to contractors for purchasing provisions, paymasters to discharge the bounties and other immediate demands; therefore,

Resolved, That the Governor be advised to borrow so much money from the Public Treasury of this State as may be sufficient to answer the purposes aforesaid and replace the same when the money to defray the said expenses shall be remitted from Congress.

The Governor informed the Board that, in consequence of a resolution of the General Assembly empowering him to appoint persons to purchase provisions in different parts of this State, he had appointed several persons to purchase on the best terms in their power, but some of them had declined engaging pork at the high prices now asked until they receive directions therein.

Resolved, That the Governor be advised to direct the said purchasers to give as far as twenty dollars per hundredweight for good pork, but not to exceed that price until they receive further directions from him.

Alexander McAlister, James McKithen and Daniel Campbell appeared in Council and requested to be permitted to take the oath of allegiance and fidelity to the said State.

Resolved, That they be permitted to take the said oath before a justice of the peace accordingly.

The Governor having required the opinion of the Board respecting the propriety of his taking the command of the troops directed to march to the aid of South Carolina and Georgia;

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Board that the Governor cannot, consistent with the duties of his station at this time, march out of the State.

Whereupon the Governor informed the Board that Brigadier-General Ashe would be the commanding officer of the said troops. It is therefore

Resolved, That the Governor be advised to appoint the said

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Brigadier Ashe a Major-General, agreeable to the act empowering him to send the said aid.

JOSEPH LEECH, President,