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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
January 04, 1780
Volume 22, Page 964

State of North Carolina.
At a Council held at Kinston, the 4th January, 1780.

Present—The Honorables Joseph Leech, Robert Bignall, John Simpson and Isaac Guion, Esquires.

His Excellency the Governor laid before the Board a resolve of Congress of the 15th of December last, recommending it to the legislative and executive powers of the United States where embargoes are in force to continue the same, and where embargoes are not in force to lay them to prohibit until the 1st day of April next the exportation of the several articles mentioned and described in the resolution of Congress of the 21st of August last.

The Board taking the same into consideration, do

Recommend to his Excellency the Governor to lay an embargo on all ships and vessels now in this State, and to issue a proclamation prohibiting the exportation of all the articles mentioned or described in the resolutions of Congress of the 21st of August last, for as abovesaid, for thirty days from this date.

Whereas, it may so happen that a sufficient number of members to constitute the General Assembly may not meet on the 25th day of this instant;

Resolved, His Excellency be advised to prorogue the General Assembly from time to time until a sufficient number of members meet to constitute the said Assembly.

JOSEPH LEECH, President,