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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from Francis Child to the North Carolina General Assembly concerning the state's claims against the United States
Child, Francis, d. 1792
November 05, 1789
Volume 22, Pages 1017-1020



Herewith in a packet marked A you will receive an account and receipt from Abisha Thomas, Esq., one of the Commissioners appointed by the last General Assembly to finally liquidate the accounts of this State with the United States, wherein he acknowledge to have received from the Comptroller of the public accounts of this State, “Accounts, vouchers and documents in support of accounts and claims of the said State against the United States,” as follows:

17. Books containing entries for Specific Articles and requisitions furnished the Continental and Militia Troops amounting as p. Account of particulars in said packet inclosed to the sum of
£294,787.12. 5
6 books of army accounts marked A. to F., inclusive, allowed and paid by the commissioners appointed to settle the accounts of the North Carolina Continental Brigade amounting to
636,747.11. 9
£976,617.14. 3
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7 books marked A. to G., inclusive, for services and supplies amounting to the sum of
1,308,544.00. 8
7,616,484. 5. 6
6 Books marked H. to N. inclusive for ditto. ditto
1,277,176. 5. 3
A bundle of Mr. Peter Mallett’s accounts as settled with the General Assemblies and Comptroller, amounting to
35,292. 2. 5
7 books marked O. to V., inclusive, containing accounts of Colo. Long, D. Q. M., settled by the General Assemblies, and Comptroller, amounting to
55,426. 9. 7
3 books containing accounts of Thomas Craike Clothier, marked U. W. X., amounting to
33,710.17. 6
1 book marked Y., containing accounts of R. Rowan Deputy Clothier, amounting to
3,948. 9. 5
1 book marked Z., containing accounts of Joseph Green, Commissary of Purchases, amounting to
1 book marked A. B., containing sundry accounts, amounting to
5,353.16. 3
1 book marked A. D., containing accounts of clothing issued by Thos. Craike, amounting to
2,426. 1. 6
An account of sundry clothing stores, etc., furnished the Continental Army in South Carolina for which Governor Martin issued his warrants on the Treasury, amounting to
3,145.11. 1
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Accounts and vouchers of Joseph Leech, Commissary of Prisoners, amounting to
4,462. 2. 3
Ditto, Andrew Blanchard, Commissary to Militia, amounting to
1,215. 1. 9
Account of Colo. Long, settled with Auditors of Hillsboro district
93. 9.11
Accounts of payments made Matthew McClure and to Invalids to amount of
Account of Charles Saunders, Q. Master, amounting to
1 book marked A. C., containing an account of provisions delivered by Wm. Kennon, amounting as P. account of particulars to
8,469. 1. 4
£11,001,878. 5.00

Making together the sum of two million, four hundred and seventy-six thousand nine hundred and forty-five pounds ten shillings and ten pence specie: and eleven millions and one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight pounds five shillings currency, exclusive of the accounts of military stores, etc. Contained in books A. E., A. F., and A. G.; as delivered by Colo. Robt. Rowan, the particular prices of which articles could not be ascertained until the commissioners were at New York.

With the foregoing you have also a copy of the receipt of the Continental Treasurer of Loans in this State to the Comptroller, for five millions, and sixty-six thousand eight hundred and sixty-one continental dollars.

The Comptroller informs the Honorable General Asembly that agreeable to a law passed the last session he has received of sundry former sheriffs in part of their settlement, sundry vouchers against the United States for clothing, etc., furnished the Continental troops, together with a quantity of Continental money, and that he has also

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passed sundry accounts for claims presented him to a considerable amount, which are charges against the Union, the Vouchers for which are now in his possession as well as a number of loan office certificates, as punched by the commissioners appointed for that purpose. He, therefore, prays the direction of the General Assembly to say, whether the said claims against the Union, and the Continental money, are to be forwarded to the commissioners at New York, and if they are, that they will be pleased to direct how and by what means; likewise, what is to be done with the loan office certificates in his possession, and what disposition he shall make of Continental and militia vouchers that may hereafter come to his hands.

In a packet marked B. you will also receive a state of the certificate debt of this State, showing the amount of what is now due to individual citizens thereof, as accurately stated as is practicable; agreeable to a resolve of the last session.

You have likewise in a packed marked C. sundry accounts, showing the net amount of each species of taxable property in this State, as far as the different sheriffs have settled for with the Comptroller for the years 1787 and 1788 with the amounts of the several returns made by clerks, entry-takers, registers, and all other receivers of public monies up to the first instant.

When these several accounts, returns, etc., are investigated and done with by the General Assembly, the Comptroller prays that they may be returned to him, and lodged in his office, as he has not time to take exact copies thereof.

November 5th, 1789.