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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to the North Carolina General Assembly
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
June 27, 1781
Volume 22, Pages 1030-1032


Wheelers, June 27th, 1781.


Agreeable to the resolution of the General Assembly I have ordered a Draught of 400 men from the Halifax Brigade, who will be ready to march in three Weeks, but then they must march unarmed, unless the General Assembly should direct Col. Linton’s Regiment to return, discharge such as have but a short time to serve and incorporate the remainder with the new regiment & send the whole to Gl. Gregory’s Camp. I know no other way to arm them & beg explicit orders on this head. I shall ever obey orders from my superiors with chearfulness, but on this occasion think it my duty to lay a state of the Brigade before the General Assembly. By the last returns the Brigade consists of 3500 Effectives.

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Now in service under Col. Linton
Turnd into the contl. Service under Mr. Eaton
Now to the southward.
New raised regulars 12 Mo. men
Now to be drafted

By this Estimate, which I think very exact, it appears when this Draft takes place near one-third of the Brigade will be in service. Add to this that Edgecombe one of the Strongest regiments, has but one man in Service under Col. Linton and that we are obliged to keep a Guard on the Prisoners in Halifax. On this State of the matter I can scarce think it reasonable that at the same time we should be obliged to send Troops to the South & East also, more especially while the Exertions in the other parts of the State are languid to the last degree and little regard had to the execution of the Law against Delinquents. No man has a greater desire to render service to his country in general than myself, but surely some regard ought to be paid to this District and it ought not to be deprived entirely of Arms and one third of its inhabitants in the present critical situation of affairs. I have stated the matter fairly & make no doubt but the General Assembly will act with wisdom & justice. As soon as the men are raised I shall send them to Gl. Gregory’s Camp where he must arm them as well as he can, for it is out of my power to raise 50 guns fit for the service in this District. This I shall do unless ordered to the contrary. I am sorry to inform you that a few days ago Capt. Quinn was killed by the Guard. The Sergeant reported to the Captain of the Guard that he attempted to make his escape as they were carrying him to a house and in consequence thereof was shot. Col. Linton has been charged with giving orders but he denys it & shewed me the Captain’s Report. If I had a sufficient number of Officers I would order a court martial on this occasion, for altho the fellow deserved hanging, yet he had a right to a tryal, and this action may fall heavy on our fellow Subjects in the hands of the British. I must beg the Assembly will direct what steps are to be taken as to this matter.

I am with great Respect,
Gentln., Yr. Mt. Ob. Servt.,

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P. S.—I forgot to mention that Col. Linton wished to be tried on the above accident. I also charged him with variety of misconduct on his late command, to this he replied that he had done nothing but by the Governour’s & G. Caswell’s orders, and that he would wait on the General Assembly in order to satisfy them, to him therefore I beg leave to refer you, and am

Yr. Mo. Ob. Servt.,
A. J.