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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Editor's note concerning the index to Volume 26
Weeks, Stephen Beauregard, 1865-1918
Volume 26, Page 239c

-------------------- page 239c --------------------

In using this Index it is desirable to remember that the names found in it are written and alphabetized as printed in the body of the text and not as modern usage would seem to demand. The same name is found under different forms and there are apparent blunders but the compiler has not felt at liberty to change these forms to what are seemingly correct ones. In the more obvious cases he has made cross references from the usual form to the one printed in the text. The user of this volume will do well to keep in mind variations usually found in family names and those possible from ignorance and bad spelling.

The compiler desires to express his acknowledgements for valuable assistance in the compilation of this Index to Miss Margaret A. Bingham and Miss Estelle B. Gregg who assisted him in proof reading; to Miss Lena Little, Miss Carrie Shank, Miss Amelia Rabinnovitz, Mrs. Fannie H. Cook, Miss Edith Sharpe, Mrs L. H. Sullivan and Miss Alberta Archias for assistance in the preparation of copy.

S. B. W.