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1 image with subject Alexander, R. B., b. 1897.

  • [1. ALEXANDER, R. B., 1st Cl. Private, Coast Artty.; 2. ANDERSON, WALTER K., 1st Cl. Private, 322nd Inf., Hdqrs. Co., 81st Div.; 3. ANDERSON, CHARLES HOLT, 1st Cl. Private, 242nd Co., M. P.; 4. BARBEE, WALTER J., Sergt., Air Service, 483rd Aero Co.; 5. BAREFOOT, JULIUS J., Maj. Med. Corps, Air Service Div. 6. BARNES, ORLANDO M., Mess Sgt. Inf., M. G. Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg. ; 7. BATTING, WILLIAM NATHAN, Private, U. S. Marine Corps, 19th Co., 2nd Div., 6th Reg.; 8. BLAKE, CURTIS E., Water Ten. (Navy), 1st Div.; 9. BROWN, GEO. C., 1st Cl. Private Inf., Co. K, 30th Div., 120th Inf.; 10. BROWN, FELIX EDWARD, 1st Cl. Private, Med. Base Hosp. 65. 11. BYRD, R. B., 1st. Cl. Private, Med. Corps Co., Emb. Hospital; 12. CALLUM, JOHN B., Private, Engrs. Hdqrs. Co., 30th Div., 105th Reg.; 13. CASE, W. B., Pvt. Pioneer Inf., Co. B, 4th Reg.; 14. COBLE, LONNIE B., Sergt. Q. M. C., Train, Corps No. 10.; 15. COLTRANE, VERNON W., 3rd Cl. Q. M. C., U. S. N. R. F. 16. DAVIS, FOSTER C., Bugler, Inf., Mach. Gun Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg.; 17. DICK, ROBT. S., Sergt. Inf., M. G. Co., 81st Div. 322nd Reg.; 18. FESPERMAN, WALTER S., Wagoner, Inf. Sup. Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg.; 19. FLOYD, MARVIN REID, Pvt., Med. Corps, 118th Field Hospital, 30th Div., 105th Reg. San. Tr.; 20. GALLION, GARFIELD FUGENE, Pvt. Inf., Co. M, 30th Div., 119th Reg. 21. GLENN, CHAS. E., Private 1st Cl., F. A., Batt. A, 81st Div., 316th Reg.; 22. GRAVES, HENRY LEWIS, 2nd Lt. Air Service, Pilot 278th Aero Squad.; 23. GRUBBS, THOS. R., Pvt., Med. Corps, Am. 321, 81st Div.; 24. HENDERSON, OTIS H., 2nd Lt., F. A., 38th Tr. Batry.; 25. HODGIN, GEO. R., Fireman 2nd (Navy) 26. HODGIN, CHAS. R., Pvt., Co. 10, 3rd Div., 155th Depot Br.; 27. HUEY, EDWIN CARLTON, Sergt., Q. M. C., Inf., Hdqrs. Co., 30th Div.; 28. JACKSON, JOHN FRANKLIN, Jr., Private, F. A., Batty. 306, 81st Div.; 29. JOHNSON, MARION SIMS, Corpl., Bugler, 120th Inf., Co. M, 30th Div.; 30. KERR, FRED, Private, 120th Inf., Co. M, 30th Div.]| From Tar-Heel War Record (In the Great World War).