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North Carolina Agricultural and Mechnical College for the Colored Race
Biennial Report of the Board of Trustees of the North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored Race, for the Two College Years 1902-'03 and 1903-'04
Raleigh, N. C.: Edwards & Broughton, 1905.


This 1905 publication was submitted to Governor Charles B. Aycock by the Board of Trustees for the North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored Race, now North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, located in Greensboro. Two introductory letters reveal that the college's primary concerns were the building of a new dormitory and the containment of contagious diseases that spread due to the school's lack of a properly isolated infirmary. The report includes updates from each of the college's departments, specifically the Mechanical Department, Department of Industries, English Department, and Department of Agriculture and Chemistry. Other sections include reports on attendance, finances, and alternative education programs, such as night school and summer school. The report also discusses farmer's institutes, through which the university sought to aid North Carolina's agricultural development by educating African American farmers on more efficient practices and other pertinent issues. An appendix details salary information for faculty and staff.

The report emphasizes the college's sound financial status, for which the writers credit the self-sustaining nature of the curriculum. Because the students received practical training as part of their education, courses in farming, mechanical skills, and industrial skills provided food and materials for the college and the community. This both saved money on student board and created revenue for the college. Due to the institution's financial stability and the success of its programs, the Board of Trustees expresses its eagerness to expand the school.

Monique Prince

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