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Eastern North Carolina Insane Asylum (Goldsboro, N.C.)
Superintendent's Report of the Eastern Insane Asylum, for the Year of 1884
Goldsboro, N.C.: The Asylum, 1885.


The 1884 Superintendent's Report of the Eastern North Carolina Insane Asylum, written by Dr. J. D. Roberts for the asylum's board of directors and Governor Thomas J. Jarvis, provides updates on finances, repairs, and patient statistics. The asylum, now Cherry Hospital, was established in 1877 by the North Carolina General Assembly and opened in 1880 as the Asylum for Colored Insane, the state's only hospital for mentally ill African Americans. In the report, Dr. Roberts discusses various patient issues, including population movements, cures, and deaths, and cites an increase in insanity that caused the institution to reach a record high of 152 patients in 1884. He mentions the institution's needs, primarily building repairs, a new entrance, population management, and more female employees, and recommends the state allocate additional resources to meet the African American community's mental health needs. The superintendent also raises concerns about patient escapes, fire safety, and the proposed superintendent's residence, which he believes to be too small and too near the asylum. Roberts appends several tables that contain patient data, such as causes for admission, prior employment, and age. The work concludes with the treasurer's report.

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