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State Hospital (Goldsboro, N.C.)
Biennial Report of the State Hospital at Goldsboro: Goldsboro, N.C., July 1, 1924, to June 30, 1926
Raleigh: Bynum Printing Co., 1926.


The Biennial Report of the State Hospital at Goldsboro for July 1, 1924, to June 30, 1926, written by Superintendent Dr. William Williams Faison, provides detailed patient and financial data and outlines the board of directors' requests for legislative appropriations to fund improvements such as the purchase of additional farmland, which would allow for more income and lower per capita patient boarding costs. The document also reprints reports from the institution's individual officers, including the clinical director, engineer, farmer, seamstress, housekeeper, and auditor, who report on activities and expenses in their departments. Tabular audit data at the end of the report provide additional fiscal information about topics such as maintenance and farm operations.

Monique Prince

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