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Noah Calwell W. Cannon, 1796?-1850
A History of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Only One in the United States of America, Styled Bethel Church
Rochester: Strong & Dawson, Printers, 1842.


Reverend Cannon's History of the African Methodist Church gives a very brief history of both the establishment of the African Methodist Episcopal (A. M. E.) Church and the career of Richard Allen. Cannon includes letters from several persons involved with the church, as well as a letter from Richard Allen (p. 23). The three main issues discussed in Cannon's History are those of (1) missions to Africa, (2) the subject of marriage, and (3) the role of the ministry. Cannon concludes with what he terms a "brief commentary" on the Old and New Testaments.

Cannon was roundly criticized for this work by the A. M. E. Church at the time of its publication. He did not receive permission from the Church to write the History, and the Church would not accept the work as authoritative. For those readers interested in A. M. E. Church history, the History of the African Methodist Church may serve as a brief supplement to their research.

Nora Rubel

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