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Training School for Wives and Mothers from "The Church in the Southern Black Community" Collection  the Deliverance by Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow from The "Library of Southern Literature" Collection  Fight or Buy Bonds: Third Liberty Loans by Howard Chandler Christy from the "North Carolinians and the Great War" Collection  Portrait of Frederick Douglass from the autobiography Life and Times of Frederick Douglass from "The North American Slave Narratives" Collection  Letter from the Robert March Hanes papers from the "North Carolina Experience"  Collection 

Can I have permission to use the DocSouth materials?

Please see the Documenting the American South Usage Statement for more information and links to the appropriate contact information.

How do I cite DocSouth materials in my bibliography?

DocSouth offers a citation guide designed to assist researchers with the documentation of digital resources from the Documenting the American South Collections. It currently includes the styles recommended by the Modern Language Association and the Chicago Manual of Style. If you need further assistance, please contact us

I want to print pages from DocSouth, but the edges are cut off. How can I get a good print-out?

For printing in Internet Explorer: To improve your print-outs, use the "Page Setup" feature under the File menu. Change all the margins on the page to .2 inches.

For printing in Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox browsers: Use the "Print Preview" feature under the File menu. One of the options at the top of the print preview window is "Scale." Select the option "Shrink to Fit" from the drop down menu and then click the print button.

I'm doing some genealogical research on my family. Can you help me find information about my ancestors?

While we do not have the resources to conduct genealogical research, there are some tools we recommend. First, we can offer the following search tip: In the DocSouth search box, type the name of the family member you are researching in quotations (for example: "wesley john gaines"). If there is material in DocSouth that mentions the individual it will appear in the list of documents retrieved. The name can appear anywhere in the document so you may have to use the "Find" ( ctrl-f ) command to go directly to the area of the document where the name is found.

For a list of online resources, see Genealogy/Family History Research at UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries: An Introduction [].

For additional genealogical resources, we recommend contacting your local library or the North Carolina State Library in Raleigh, NC.

I would like to buy a copy of one of the books you have digitized on your site. How can I find a copy?

While some of the works published on DocSouth are classics and can be found in any bookstore, many are rare and out-of-print. We suggest you check the Internet Public Library's pathfinder for Finding Used and Rare Books and Their Prices

I found a copy of one of the books on your site in my grandmother's attic. Can you tell me how much it's worth?

While we do not perform book searches or appraisals, you may wish to search the online inventories of various used and out-of-print book dealers, such as Addall Used and Out-of-Print [], [], or the Internet Public Library's pathfinder for Finding Used and Rare Books and Their Prices

Where did UNC obtain the World War I posters?

The posters reproduced in North Carolinians and the Great War are just a small fraction of the collection relating to World Wars I & II given to the Rare Book Collection by Bowman Gray of Winston-Salem, NC.

Are copies of your war posters available for purchase?

Some posters have been reproduced commercially and are available for sale through regular print and poster vendors. Copies of images reproduced in Documenting the American South are available through Imaging and Photographic Services [] in the form of color transparencies, black & white prints, or scans.

How can I donate to Documenting the American South?

Financial contributions of generous friends make the work of Documenting the American South possible. Our greatest need is unrestricted funding to support the production efforts of our digitization team and to support our ongoing efforts to provide access to the UNC Library's unique collections to millions of people. We would be happy to talk with you about donations to DocSouth. Please contact Natasha Smith if you are interested in making a financial contribution. You may reach us by telephone at (919) 962-9590, in person at the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, or by mail at

Documenting the American South
Wilson Library
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

You may also contact the Library Development Office at 919-843-5660.

How can I donate war posters to UNC-Chapel Hill or find out more about a specific poster or artist?

Direct your questions to Libby Chenault, Public Services Librarian, Rare Book Collection in Wilson Library, at

Where does the currency on the DocSouth site come from?

The North Carolina Collection Gallery is the central, assigned repository for the University Library's Numismatic Collection, which was formally established by the Library in the summer of 1942. Today, the Library's diverse Numismatic Collection contains more than 9,000 specimens, including state, national, and foreign paper money, coins, tokens, scrip, bonds, and other currency-related items. The collection's current major strengths are North Carolina colonial bills, gold coins from North Carolina's early nineteenth-century gold rush, and Civil War issues.

Who can I contact if I have a question about currency?

Direct your questions to the North Carolina Collection, in Wilson Library, at

How can I get answers to other questions about DocSouth?

Our reference staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the DocSouth materials. Please use the form available by clicking the Contact Us link.