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Daniel J. Russell
History of the African Union Methodist Protestant Church
Philadelphia: Union Star Book and Job Printing and Publishing House, 1920.


Daniel James Russell's History of the African Union Methodist Protestant Church is the denomination's first ecclesiastical history. Russell emphasizes the importance of such a history for the vitality of the growing church, and attempts to remedy errors held by outsiders. He devotes much of his narrative to the foundation of the church in 1813, and its early activities under the leadership of Peter Spencer. Russell goes on to discuss the fundamental values of African Union Methodist Protestant (A.U.M.P.) life and provides a question and answer section on church history and organization. Statistics on membership and institutions from 1918 are also included. Researchers will take special interest in the book's thirty-nine photographs of people and places of significance within A.U.M.P. Church history.

Maryellen Davis

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