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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Act of the Virginia General Assembly concerning a land patent to Walter Austin et al. for land in Virginia
Virginia. General Assembly.
March 02, 1643
Volume 01, Page 17

-------------------- page 17 --------------------
[Hening's Virginia Statutes at Large—March, 1643—Vol. 1, P. 262.]

FFOR as much as Walter Austin, Rice Hoe, Joseph Johnson and Walter Chiles for themselves and such others as they shall think fitt to joyn with them, did petition in the Assembly in June 1641 for leave and encouragement to undertake the discovery of a new river or unknown land bearing west southerly from Appomattake river. Be it enacted and confirmed that they and every of them and whom they admitt shall enjoy and possess to them their heires, executors or administrators or assigns all profitt whatsoever they in their particular adventure can make unto themselves by such discovery aforesaid, for fourteen years after the date of the said month January 1641, Provided there be reserved and paid unto his majests use by them that shall be appointed to receive the same, the fifth part Royall Mines whatsoever, Provided also, that if they shall think fitt to employ more than two or three men in the said discovery that they shall then do it by commission from the Governour and Counsell