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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Henry Crokly concerning the case of Thomas Miller
Crokly, Henry
February 13, 1678
Volume 01, Pages 234-235

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

The deposition of Henry Crokly shipwright inhabitant in Redriffe saith yt in ye yeare 1676 the Deponant was in Virginnia belonging to the

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ship Constant of London Jacob Hayes Com̄andr where he saw Mr Thomas Miller and some acquainted wth him att James Towne in Virginnia where the said Miller had his Tryall for treasonable words alleaged against him and was then and their acquitted from them by Sr Willm Berkeley and his Counsill after wch clearing in July following ye said Miller came publickly abord & a shore and that voyage came for England in the sd ship whereof ye deponent was carpenter and further this deponent saith that after ye sd Miller was cleared as aforesd he was often a shore in company of one John Culpeper and severall Magistrates their in Virginnia and was never taxed furthur as to ye aforesd accusation by ye sd Culpeper or any other person their that ye Deponant ever heard of and further this Deponant saith not


decimo tertio die ffebruarii 1677
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