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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Perquimans Precinct Court
North Carolina. Precinct Court (Perquimans Precinct)
January 10, 1698
Volume 01, Pages 488-490

January 1698

At A Court ffor the Precinct of Piquemons At the House of Mr Tho: Blunt ye Secont Monday In Janewary 1698 prSent Mr Calleb Calleway Captt Ralph ffletcher Mr John Whedbe Mr John Barrow Mr Samuel Nicholson

The Court Is A Jurn to Mr Jeames Oats.

The Court Met At ye Hous of Mr Jeames Oats.

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Corenall William Wilkinson And Capt Henderson Walker Exr of Majer Allex Lillington desesed vars Richard Bachelder ye Sd Bachelder confesed Judgment ordered that Richard Bachelder pay to Henderson Walker fower pound Seven Shilling And two peence With Cost In poork

Robert Beasle vars Richard Bachelder in a plea of Debt ye sd Bachelder Confesed Judgment ordered that ye Said Richard Bachelder pay to Robart Beasle twelfe pound Starling In poork With Cost of Sute

Capt Henderson Walke And Corll William Wilkinson Ex of Majer Alex Lillington desesed vars Jonathan Batman ye Sd Batman not Aparen ordered that ye Shrife bring ye bodie of ye Sd Batman ye Next Cort

Capt Henderson Walker And Corll William Wilkinson Exr to Majer Alex Lillington vars diana White In A plea of debt ye Sd White Confesed Judgm ordered that Diana White pay to Henderson Walker fifteen pound on Shilling And fower pence In poork With Cost of Sute

Capt Henderson Walker Maken Apear that John Chamberlin Is Indebted to Majer Alex Lillington one pound Nine Shilling and Seven pence And he haven obtained An Attachment Against his Estate and on Mare Attached At ye Sut of Alex Lillington ordered that ye Shrife Make Saile of ye Mare Apraised According to Law And pay to Henderson Walker on pound Nine Shillings And Seven pence With Cost And ye over plush to Return to ye Sd Chamberlin

Gabrill Newbe Acknowledg A ded of Saile for Land to Charles Scot

Charles Scot Acknowledg A ded of Saile for Land to Gabrill Newbe.

William Edward acknowledg a ded of saile for Land to Arnall White John Cartrite

Gabrel Newby Atturney to Elizabeth Charles And Samuel Charles Acknowledg A dede of Sale for Land to Charles Scot David Sharwood And Jane his wife Acknowledg A ded of Sale for Land to John Pricklov

Dina Butler Acknowledg A ded of Sale for Land to William Moore

Beniamin Laker and Julian His Wife vars Anthony Dawson.

In a plea of ye Case ye Court Referd It to ye Jure ye Jure on thare oathes Say they find for ye Plaintef eigh pound Sixteen Shillings & aleven peence ordered that Anthony Dawson pay to Beniamin Lakar eigh pound Six Shillings & Aleven peence with Cost of Sute

Anthony Dawson vars Beniamin Laker

In a plea of ye Case ye Court Referd It to ye Jure ye Jure on thare oathes Say thay find for ye Plaintef Seven pound Nine Shillings & Nine

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peence ordered that Beniamin Laker pay to Anthony Dawson Seven pound Nine Shillings & Nine peence With Cost of Sute

Gabrell Newby and Thomas Overman proved a Will of Joseph Nicholsons Samuel Nicholson being Exce And John Nicholson to Joseph Nicholson

James ffisher Acknowledg A ded of Saile for Land to William White

Gabrell Newby Proved A Letter of Atturnney of Elisabeth Charles is by ffrancis Tomes

Ellener Hibbens Acknowledg a deed of Saile for hir part of Land to Tho: Norcom

Ordered that Timethe Clare And Isack Wilson be ye Keepers of ye toole bookes of Piquemons Precinct Timothy Clare on ye West Sid and Isack Willson on ye Est Sid