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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Pollock to William Gordon
Pollock, Thomas, 1654-1722
Volume 01, Page 700

-------------------- page 700 --------------------
[From Pollock's Letter Book.]

A Copy of a Letter to Mr Gordon Minister at Chowan, inclosed in Mr Glover's Letter, to be sealed and delivered to him at ——by him


Since you went from us, confusion and disorder have proceeded in their full course, of which President G(lover) can give you a full account, and I doubt not the justness of the cause. The zeal you have for religion, and the charity you have for the souls of the people of North Carolina, who are now (covered) with the dark clouds of Quakerism, envy and ignorance, will prompt you to use your utmost endeavorer to be helpful, what you can, to dispel the aforesaid clouds, that again we may enjoy the sunshine of religion justice and order. With you —— I should then be highly pleased to enjoy the —— of your company here, and you may assure —— to command all that lies in my power. I would entreat the favour of you to acquaint me by all of the proceedings in that affair, with —— infinitly oblidge

T. P.


Please to direct your letters for me to be left at Mr Mingo Engliss's, at Queen's Creek, near York River Mr James Wallace, Minister at Kroatan (?) or Capt Richard Exum's (?) near Nansemond river.

Sir, Yr
T. P.