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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Virginia Governor's Council
Virginia. Council
June 13, 1711
Volume 01, Page 757

-------------------- page 757 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Journal Va. Council.]

13. June 1711.

Philip Ludwell Esqre one of the Commissioners for settling the Boundarys between this Colony & Carolina, reported that the said Commrs had lately mett those of Carolina and had made tryall of their Instruments for taking the latitude both of Waycon's Creek and Nottoway River, that the Instrument brought by the Commrs of Carolina was an astrolabe of 5½ inches Radius and the graduations thereon so small that it was not possible to take the Latitude exactly by it, that their observations differed considerably at both places, That they had agreed to meet at Corrotuck, to try the Latitude there, In order to which Her Majesty's Commrs went accordingly to Corrotuck and waited there four days but those of Carolina did not come, That since their return home they have writ to the said Commrs and desired them to appoint another time and place of Conference and expected an answer every day in order to come to a conclusion of this matter, and that they may be able to make their final report thereon to be layd before this Board.

Whereas the Governor was pleased this day to communicate to the Council the advice he has received by Letters from Collo Hyde President of North Carolina of great commotions in that Province raised by one Collo Thomas Cary late President there against the present established Government and that both partys have taken up arms to support their pretences, this board taking into consideration the dangerous consequence of such proceedings both in respect to the Calamity it may bring upon Her Majesty's subjects of that Province by involving them in a civil war, and more especially the bad influence it may have on this Colony by encouraging the servants and negroes and other persons of desperate fortunes to run from hence in hopes of protection from the party in arms there, Do therefore think it necessary for Her Majesty's service that the Governor imploy his good offices for mediating a reconciliation of the differences in the said Province of Carolina or at least a suspension of any acts of violence between them until their said differences can be determined by the authority of the Lords Proprs and for that purpose that the Governor will be pleased to make a choice of some discreet person to be sent to the said Province of Carolina to offer such mediation to the heads of both partys. And it is further Ordered by the Governor in Council that the commanders in chief of the several Counties bordering on Carolina take all possible care that none of the Inhabitants of this Colony engage or concern themselves in the interest of either of the said partys.