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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proclamation by Alexander Spotswood concerning the arrest of Thomas Cary et al.
Spotswood, Alexander, 1676-1740
July 24, 1711
Volume 01, Pages 776-777

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol: 13. O. 129.]
No 8

24th day of July 1711

By her Majties Lieut Governor and Commander in Chief of this Dominion

A Proclamation for seizing and apprehending Colo Thos Cary and other Seditious and Fractious persons that have made their escape from North Carolina into this Colony.—

Whereas Colo Thos Cary John Porter Emmanuel Low Nevil Low Capt Stone Edmund Porter Levy Truehitt Wm Barrow Thos Sparrow George Berkenhead Henry Warren Simon Aderson Junr Saml Boatwell and one Richard Roach associated with Diverse other Seditious and Factious persons in North Carolina have lately taken up arms in Opposition to the Established Government and Laws of the said Province Committed Diverse Acts of Hostility and Violence upon her Majties Subjects there and in order to the better Carrying on their Seditious Designes have been Discovered to hold a Traitorous Correspondence with the Tuscarroro Indians whereby they have Endeavoured to Incite and stir up the said Indians (by promises of Reward) to Cutt of her Majties Good Subjects of the said Province of North Carolina that Continue obedient to the Governmt.

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And whereas Diverse of the said persons finding their Designes frustrated and justly fearing the Punishment their Crimes Deserve have fled from justice and made their Escape into this Colony and have been Endeavouring by false and crafty insinuations to Debauch severall of her Majesties Subjects here into an Approbation of their Actions and Intentions. Now to the end the peace of this her Majties Colony may not be Endangered by the pernitious practice of such Incendiarys, I have thought fitt by and with the Advice of her Majesties Council to issue this my Proclamation Strictly Chargeing and requireing all Sheriffs Constables and Headboroughs to use their utmost Diligence to Seize and Apprehend the Above named Thomas Cary John Porter Emanuel Low Nevil Low Capt Stone Edmund Porter Levy Truehitt William Barrow Thos Sparrow George Berkinhead Henry Warren Simon Alderson Junr Sam1 Boatwell and Richard Roach and being so apprehended to Secure and Detain them in Custody untill they and every of them enter into Bond with Good Security in the Sume of five Hundred pounds Sterlg for their personall Appearance before the Next Council and for their Good behaviour in the Meantime. And if any person Comeing from North Carolina Shall be found Issueing Seditious principles into her Majties Subjects of this Colony or other Insinuations tending to the disturbance of the peace I do further require and Command all her Majties officers Civil and Military and all other her Majties Subjects to whose Knowledge the same shall come forthwith to Apprehend and Secure such Person and Persons and to carry them before the next Justice of the Peace who upon Proof made of such seditious practices is hereby required to Commit such person or persons to prison untill they and every of them give Bond with Good security for their Good behaviour in such sume as the said justice shall think fitt according as the case shall appeare to him. And if upon Examination the Crime shall appear of such a Nature for which the Party ought to suffer the Loss of Life or Member or be Imprisoned I do hereby require the said Justice or Justices to certify to me the Examinations taken before them and to committ the party accused to Prison untill further order. Hereby Commanding the Sherifs of the respective Countys to Cause this proclamation to be Read and Published at the Court houses Churches and Chappells in their said Countys. Given under my hand and the seale of the Colony at Wmsburgh the 24th day of July 1711 in the Tenth year of her Majties reign

God save the Queen.