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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of a meeting of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
January 24, 1712 - January 29, 1712
Volume 01, Pages 831-833

[B. P. R. O. N. C. B. T. 7. P. 52.]

Craven House Janry 24th 1711-12
The Rt. Honble The Lord Carteret
Maurice Ashley Esqr
Sir John Colleton Barrt
John Danson Esqr

Some Merchants desired to be heard by their Council who were called in and heard They alleged they had received losses by the Government of North Carolina & Roach as is alledg'd went over a factor from some

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Merchants with effects to be disposed of there which effects are seized by Mr Hyde and his party. The Board did resolve that all reasonable care should be taken, that the goods seized by Govr Hyde or his order should be restored as far as legally they can be.

A Representation from the Merchants relating to that effect abovesaid was read.

Adjourned till next Tuesday.

Craven House Janry ye 29th 1711-12.
Lord Carteret
Sr. Fulwar Skipwith
Sr. John Colleton
John Danson Esqre

Ordered that the following Instructions be added to Govr Hyde's Instructions. Whereas it did plainly appear to us that very great abuses have been committed in our Province of Carolina by exorbitant and illegal Grants of Land made to several persons far exceeding & contrary to our Instructions given upon that account whereupon we thought it proper to prohibit all Sales or Grants of land except such as should be made at our Board yet at your instance & we being also very willing to give all due encouragement to such Planters as shall come to settle there, We have consented that any person during the term of seven years next ensuing the date hereof may within that part of our Province that is under your care purchase any small quantity of land not exceeding 640 Acres paying the money to our Receiver General there at the rate of £20. sterling for each 1000 Acres & reserving 12 pence sterling of Great Britain yearly quit rent for every 100 Acres to us the Lords Proprietors and our Heirs for ever for the same.

We do recommend to you in the most particular manner the consideration of the late Troubles & we are very sorry that you was compelled to make use of violent measures towards the support of the Government. We hope that all animosity is by this time extinguished & the best way to keep people quiet is to show all gentleness to those that were deluded & as little severity to those who were more deeply concern'd in those disorders as is consistent with law & justice. It must of necessity have happened that during these Commotions some unfortunate persons have suffer'd much in their Estates We desire that restitution may be made if it is possible to the full but if that cannot be as far as you can & that you send us as exact an estimate as you can make of the sufferings of the People whom we shall always protect to the utmost of our

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power while they preserve their allegiance to the Queen and their duty to us the true & absolute Lords who represent Her Majesty. We further enjoin you to send over to us all the evidence that can be of any use towards our information that we may be able to lay an accurate account of what has happened before the Queen if her Majesty should require it of us.

Mr Danson brought in the account of the sale of Five Barrels of rice shipt by Gift upon the Mary Gally Wm. Holyday Master neat proceed being £105. 1. 1. which money was brought into the Board—

Out of which was paid

Edward Crisp
Lord Carteret.
Lord Craven.
Sr John Colleton
Jno Danson.

Received the sum of £13. 7. 0 of Sr Fulwar Skipwith for the use of my Lord Craven.