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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Miles Gale to [Henry Compton]
Gale, Miles, 1647-1721
August 26, 1712
Volume 01, Pages 867-868

[From N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]

Kighley, in Craven, Aug. 26, 1712.

My Lord:—

I am informed by letters from my eldest son, Mr. Gale, who has been an inhabitant of North Carolina these eight years, and borne several offices in that unsettled government, that the religion of that country is at a very low ebb, and that little stock carried over, in danger to be totally lost without speedy care of sending ministers to teach the word of truth.

-------------------- page 868 --------------------

That North Carolina has been inhabited by the English eighteen years, and in all that space they have had but one elergyman, and he left them for want of encouragement; and that for these last eight years they have had none; so that all the children under that age remain unbaptized, of which many have been cut off by a late massacre. The unhappy divisions among the English into parties, encouraged two sorts of Indians, the Corees and the Tuscaroras, to come down upon them and cut off about two hundred, the rest securing themselves in small garrisons made of private houses. According to my son's request, I hereby present your grace with the present sad circumstances of that fine and fruitful country, not doubting of your assistance in so pious a work as the establishment of Christianity in a heathenish country. That your grace may live long to God's glory, the world's goods, and your own happiness, is the hearty prayer of

Your most obedient and humble servant,