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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Shelton
Shelton, Richard
September 03, 1713
Volume 02, Page 63

[B. P. R. O. Board of Trade. North Carolina. Vol. 5. P. 71.]


The public Business having call'd some of the Lords Proprietors out of the Town, their Lordships commanded me to inform you that at the request of the Gentlemen of your province they had consented that their Order prohibiting the sale of land except such as should be directed by Special Warrant, sign'd at their Board should be revok'd and their Lordships have directed warrants as usual for the sale of Lands to be issued out of the Secretarys Office, with such conditions as are expressed in their warrant herewith enclos'd to which I refer you.

I am further directed by their Lordships to transmit you a Copy of a Letter they receiv'd from the Lords of Trade and plantations wherein Her Majesty is pleased to Command that none of Her Subjects be sent from any of Her Majesty's Plantations as Prisoners, without good Proof first made of their Crimes and that proof transmitted along with such prisoner.

As to the Letter their Lordships received from you and the Council relating to the Boundaries between South and North Carolina, their Lordships took that Business into their consideration but thought it a matter of such consequence that it required to be more maturely considered of, and therefore adjourned it for that time I shall take care to lay it before their Lordships at their next meeting and shall endeavor all I can to have a determination of that Matter in your Favor.

Your Obedient humble Servt

Seper 3d 1713